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Richard Munn
Richard MunnPersonal Trainer
Rich Munn, CPT has been training a variety of clients for 16 years. His specialties are:
 Strength Training
 Dynamic Training
 Losing body fat/toning
 Golf/Tennis Conditioning Programs
 Outdoor Fitness
 Nutritional Counseling
Rich is a certified TRX instructor and Schwinn/Spinning instructor. He has presented to local, state and national audiences on various fitness/nutritional topics. He has taught group exercise classes for the core, balance, stretching/flexibility and Dynamic Training.
Rich has worked in a number of fitness facilities as both a trainer and facility manager. He has a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Dayton and a certification in Exercise Science from Sinclair Community College. His personal training certification is from the American Council on Exercise.
FITNESS TIP: Think of your fitness program as a total package. Include nutrition, exercise, recovery and variety into your overall program. Include as much variety into your fitness program as possible to challenge all of your systems, keep your workouts fresh to make the most possible gains.
TRAINING PHILOSOPHY: The body always acts as one unit so when you exercise and eat your entire body is involved. This also means it’s involved in both the good and bad fitness habits you might have developed over the years. A solid exercise program does not cancel out a poor nutritional program. Not fully recovering from your workout does not allow you to progress to your maximum fitness level. Keep the inside of your body in mind as well as the outside of your body.
Rich is also a competitive bodybuilder who has participated in eight bodybuilding shows. He has placed in every show he has entered and recently won his class at the Kentucky Muscle Show.
Why work with a trainer?
 Motivation/Accountability
 Injury Prevention
 Knowledge
 Individualized Workouts
 Variety
 Fun
Mike Robinson
Mike RobinsonPersonal Trainer
Mike Robinson is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Certified Sports Nutritionist (CSN), and holds a Master Trainer Certification (MTC). Mike founded Muscledawg Fitness in 2002, and is the architect of the “Muscledawg Method,” a virtual revolution in the fitness and health industries. Mike continues to train clients and leads a team of professional trainers providing the highest level of knowledge and inspiration in the business.
Mike is no stranger to the health/fitness industry, having spent over 20 years as a personal trainer. Concurrent to starting Muscledawg Fitness, Mike also spent 6 years operating a General Nutrition Center franchise giving him extensive supplement and nutrition expertise.
Mikes upcoming book “The Muscledawg Method” has been many years in the making. Drawing on hundreds of client successes, “The Muscledawg Method” will put order and simplicity to some very complex subjects…nutrition, fitness and health.
Unsolicited testimonials from the website:
Testimonial 1
“Your love and compassion shows in everything you do. Keep up the good work. You have forever changed my life and outlook. Thank you. I’m excited to be part of MuscleDawg in 2009…watch out everyone, big things are happening, I can already taste it!!!!!”
Testimonial 2
“I was a fitness addict in Dallas for the past 7 years. Then I moved to Ohio, got married and happy and put on weight. When I was beyond frustrated looking in the mirror, I begged my husband for a trainer. He was hesitant at first until he met Mike. He could tell he was incredibly knowledgeable and really loves what he does. He has since become a great friend and someone who makes me love fitness. When you are down, he picks you up, when you need motivation he motivates. Because of him I am on my way to my first figure show and being in the best shape of my life! I HIGHLY recommend MuscleDawg Fitness!”
Testimonial 3
“Wow!!! What can we we say about “Mike Dawg”? He came into our world to help my husband recover from a terrible brain injury….rebuilding muscle strength, endurance, and communication skills. Mike is a wonderful part of our world. He encourages, pushes, and is dedicated to our cause. Thank you Mike for all you have done for the Howells”
If client successes are the yardstick of accomplishments, Mike and Muscledawg Fitness have certainly exceeded anyone’s expectations. www.muscledawgfitness.com
Doug Thompson
Doug ThompsonOwner, Personal Trainer
Doug has always had a passion for body building, although he did not start competing until he was 47. He has earned numerous NPC bodybuilding trophies but his primary passion is helping the average person get fit and healthy through proper nutrition and consistent exercise. Seeing that there was no privately-owned gym west of the Dayton Mall, Doug opened the gym in 2011 and has been refining and improving it since then. He has a heart for the community and is proud to be located in Historic Downtown Miamisburg. Over the years Doug has helped many people achieve their fitness goals and looks forward to many more years as a personal trainer.